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14-Jul-2017 08:29

Unfortunately, that's all it was, basically, a tease.A fairly attractive blonde lady is threatened with a hot branding poker to the face but the bad guy pulls it away before he can do any damage. show, Ralphus, showing the rocks being piled on the gimp but then after that no other gimp torture or gimp killing scene was shown.As yet I've never had the experience of being a real gimp myself, but who knows I might some day.Becky - sorry if I messed up the formatting of this I don't have much experience. Had I been entirely serious I would not have used the adjective 'monstrous'. The last part of my post was written with tongue partly in cheek; how fortunate that we do not type with our tongues!That's just less common - which is why I referenced the geezers as possible Group 1 members in Osouk's taxonomy. It is actually quite good unless, that is, you are looking solely for GIMP. We hear the whipping noises and the girl's reactions, but when the visuals return, it's all over.

Actually, I thought the most effective scene of the show came at the very beginning, where we see another woman slowly being tortured by being crushed with large rocks. That very short less then ten second pyre on fire bats scene made no entertainment sense to me at all. I live with my stepsister and boyfriend now who are much more lax when it comes to things like this - even though I don't think they really know how much I am into this kind of stuff.

Joe Pass and Becky: Looks like we have a couple of newbies here.

Welcome to the board, and we're glad to see you here.

Most of the whipping is off-screen anyway in that film, but it's still a really good film, a movie I liked when I was a young tike but really need to explore again since it's been about 20 years since I've seen it.

------------------------- Well, I finally got around to looking at the most recent episode of "Criminal Minds", the one that teased us in the preview with branding torture and BATS.I hope both of you can add to the forum with your comments and opinions in the near future.

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