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If this is so, the other two sons are:- moved to High Prior Scale farm in the Calder Valley, parish of Beckermet St. William died in January 1684/5 at High Prior Scale and was buried in the parish of St. The bondsmen were Clement’s widow, Mary, Thomas Moscrop of Gosforth and William Moscropp of St. Clement had only one surviving son, John, so it is more than likely that Thomas and William were two of his brothers.Instead of using two people living in Gosforth itself, William obviously had to attend from the parish of St. I think this makes it almost certain that William and Barnard were also children of William of Bankhouse but I have no proof.Lived at Bankhouse, Gosforth CLEMENT Baptised 27 March 1665 Married Mary 8 children of which 1 died young Lived at Boonwood, Gosforth BRIDGET Baptised 10 March 1603 I also believe he had two other sons for this reason.The name Clement is very strong in our branch and carries on even to the present day.Richard and Elizabeth had a son, William, baptised 27 September 1573 and a daughter, Margaret, baptised 13 February 1574/5, both at Gosforth.It appears that this son, William, lived in maturity at a place/farm called "Rackes" in Gosforth and is henceforth known as "William of Rackes".After this date, I have used the spelling Mossop although, inevitably, around the transition period some individuals were baptised under one spelling and married and buried under others. John had moved to Lincolnshire and founded a dynasty there.) Thomas had at least one son and probably at least two.The definite one is Richard, born before 1558 who married Elizabeth Mayson at Gosforth on 29 August 1573.

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The above is piecing together information which is not proven but the first time we definitely identify our family is in 1638 when Margaret Moscrop, widow, died at High Prior Scale and was buried in the parish of St. Her administrators were her two sons, William and Barnerd.In contrast, William of Bankhouse did have children: I can find no marriage for him and Margaret.