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d=4E26BC412 19 Fotografija Riardsa Kejta 20 Egzorcizam

d=5614E27917 Napomena: Nove Epizode 32 i 33 su preskocene i biti ce emitirane kao novogodisnje Epizoda 34

Da bi osigurao novac za operaciju, on prodaje stan i to ne bilo kome.

Najpopularnija humoristina serija ve je u prvoj sezoni osigurala kultni status s brojnim poklonicima meu gledateljima, a njezini oboavatelji eljno oekuju novu, osmu sezonu!

Jedan od kolovoa je Samir kojeg u seriji utjelovljuje glumac Emir Hadihafizbegovi.

U produkciju Akord dolazi Bahro Burek kojeg glumi Zlatan Zuhri.

Faruk and Damir find out that Izet has a testament written, but they only receive two minor gifts, while his love Spomenka is written to get the apartment and money, so the two of them call Samir in order to change the testament behind Izet's back, but something unexpected happens.

Izet, Faruk i Damir, tri su generacije ve svima poznate obitelji Fazlinovi.

S novim nastavcima dolaze i nove zgode i nezgode ove jedinstvene obitelji, a pridruit e im se i neki novi likovi.

Guest-starring: Emir Hadžihafizbegović as Samir Faruk wakes up one morning speaking Italian and presents himself as a famous painter named "Brotti". The three generations of Fazlinović find themselves in the same restaurant with their dates after all of them lie about where they are in order to go to a date, but a problem occurs which requires one of them to go.

Rocker Đenis Đenis comes to Faruk's studio to record a song, but Faruk caught in his Brotti phase. Điđimilović comes to cure Faruk, while Izet has to go on pretending to be Faruk in order to keep the business Đenis Đenis came to offer. Damir has a problem with his computer; it is always broken, and while Izet eavesdrops he thinks that there is a problem with Damir not being able to perform sexually, which Izet ties to fix with the help of his doctor.Izet quits smoking but after a short period gives in and smokes a joint (thinking it is a regular cigarette).

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