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14-Nov-2017 00:21

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'This is a storm that will kill you if you don't get out of the way,' said National Hurricane Center meteorologist and spokesman Dennis Feltgen.

'The forecasts here have been proved slightly wrong - but in a good way. We're not expecting here int he capital Nassau anything that would threaten the structure of buildings.'The area could still very likely flood, but it is so far looking like they are going to be spared the worst bits of the bad weather.

Wind speeds are currently at 160 mph and are not expected to slow throughout the night.

So far there are at least 24 people dead as a result of the storm, including nine in unspecified French territories, one in Barbuda, one in Anguilla, two in St Maarten, four in the British Virgin Islands, four in the US Virgin Islands, and three and Puerto Rico.

Though it has slowed to category four it is still expected to leave destruction in its path Cubans carry their belongings on September 8, 2017 ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma in a northern town.

Irma is expected to hit the area late on Friday night and linger there until Saturday morning Irma left towns throughout the Caribbean devastated and at least 24 people dead.This is Modern Luxury and in 2018, you will be the Celebrity!