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A long conversation followed, during which Officer Oswald convinced the man that getting arrested for harassment wouldn’t help his chances in any future custody hearings. Foeger and Officer Oswald that he’d been robbed in a Milwaukee suburb on the evening of December 1.The robbery, which he reported to the suburb’s police department the next day, had allegedly happened after he met a woman who posted a message on social media seeking financial assistance.Using their “services” would have eventually allowed a scammer to get into her computer and/or steal her credit card information.The thief must not have been optimistic about getting anywhere, so he offered to buy her a new computer if she agreed to have sex with him.

The boy’s father later called Chief Dolnick to thank Officer Oswald for his actions.

A routine check revealed that the victim was on probation, and the Department of Corrections placed a hold on him.

While in the ER, the man accused Officer Oswald of taking a photo of him while he was using the toilet, and threatened to file a complaint against him (the same officer who helped save his life).

December 2017 On December 3 at AM, a Hemlock Street woman told Officer Laabs that her neighbor had been taking photos and posting them on Facebook with derogatory comments about her.

The suspect in this case has been accusing other building tenants of sneaking into her apartment and stealing possessions.

He found a 32-year-old West Bend man lying on his back in a stall, breathing but unresponsive, with pupils that were pinpoint an unresponsive.

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